Any landing you can walk away from?

When a US Air Flight went down in the East River there were no serious injuries, but it was still ugly. KInd of like UB's win over Army! via

Final - 12.1.2010 1 2 Total
Buffalo Bulls 22 34 56
Army Black Knights 24 30 54

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Ill not go too much into detail about the game. I listened to it on WECK's stream so I did not get to see a lot of the little things but there were some of the repeated (as in over the years) struggles that we saw from UB. The Bulls leanrly lost this game for the same reason they lost to Indiana.


23 Turnovers! Going into the game UB was averaging 20 and that is insanely high. Before this game Buffalo was ranked inthe 250's out of the 334 NCAA division one basketball teams in turnovers per game. That's just embarrassing. UB got away with it, this time, because Army seemed to want this game even less than the Bulls who can't seem to pull it together outside of Western New york.

The other disturbing trend going on is the nap that UB seems to take from about five minutes to 12 minutes into the game. Once again the Bulls stormed out building up an 11-1 point lead before they went ice cold. From 15:03 to 11:30 the score went from 11-1 in favor of UB to an Army lead of 12-11.

15:03 Auraum Nuiriankh made Two Point Layup. 11-1  
15:03   11-1 Foul on Andrew Stire
15:03 Auraum Nuiriankh missed Free Throw. 11-1  
15:03   11-1 Josh Herbeck Defensive Rebound.
14:54   11-1 Josh Herbeck missed Three Point Jumper.
14:54   11-1 Andrew Stire Offensive Rebound.
14:49   11-1 Julian Simmons missed Two Point Jumper.
14:49 Javon McCrea Block. 11-1  
14:47   11-1 Army Offensive Rebound.
14:42 Foul on Javon McCrea 11-1  
14:42   11-2 Ella Ellis made Free Throw.
14:42   11-3 Ella Ellis made Free Throw.
14:27 Mitchell Watt Turnover. 11-3  
14:26   11-3 Mitch McDonald Steal.
14:22   11-3 Jeremy Hence missed Two Point Layup.
14:22   11-3 Ella Ellis Offensive Rebound.
14:19   11-3 Ella Ellis missed Two Point Layup.
14:19   11-3 Jeremy Hence Offensive Rebound.
14:16   11-5 Jeremy Hence made Two Point Layup.
14:05 Jawaan Alston Turnover. 11-5  
13:54   11-5 Mitch McDonald Turnover.
13:52 Zach Filzen Steal. 11-5  
13:36 Auraum Nuiriankh Turnover. 11-5  
13:23 Foul on Jawaan Alston 11-5  
13:12   11-7 Jeremy Hence made Two Point Layup. Assisted by Jason Pancoe.
12:49 Zach Filzen Turnover. 11-7  
12:25   11-10 Jason Pancoe made Three Point Jumper.
12:04 Jarod Oldham missed Two Point Layup. 11-10  
12:04   11-10 Jeremy Hence Defensive Rebound.
11:55   11-12 Jeremy Hence made Two Point Layup.


How do you let a team rattle off eleven straight points on you without stopping the clock? Coach Witherspoon treats timeouts like a depression survivor treats money. He shoves them all under the matress and wait until the end of the game to use them.

This kind of play will kill us in conference games. You cant commit 20 turnovers, shoot just over 50% from the line, and commit 24 fouls in a game and *expect* to win. We dodged a bullet with Army.

I'm still encouraged that with a team this young we are sitting at 4-2. There is a lot of potential not only in the future but also this season. UB was picked by many to be the worst team in the MAC this season and while they appear to be worlds behind Kent at this point I do see a team that could give most other MAC squads a game.

Next up is game number two of the "Little four season" against the Bonnies.

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