UB Depth Chart for EMU

Position 1st 2nd 3rd
WR A. Neutz S. Hood  
LT P. Wilson J. Jerrold  
LG P. Bittner S. Richberg  
C J. Violanti G. Whinery  
RG @ K. Scott S. Richberg  
RT G. Whinery J. Jerrold  
TE M. Marr J. Gorden  
QB J. Davis A. Dennison  
HB I. Nduka B. Oliver - or J. Gill
WR T. Jackson E. Young  
WR * M. Rivers - OR - F. Lee  
Position 1st 2nd 3rd
DE S. Means C. Way  
NG A. Montanez R. Smith  
DE J. Housey G. DuBois -OR- C. Way
OLB K. Mack W. Moseley  
ILB J. Winters M. Richardson  
ILB R. Akobundu J. Syty  
OLB # J. Copeland I. Chatman D. Wallace
CB S. Lott -or- C. Lammons  
SS D. Cook I. Baugh RA Long
FS D. Shannon O. Houston A. Hayes
CB J. Thomas J. Petit  
S- Teams      
Position 1st 2nd 3rd
P J. Schum - or P. Fardon  
PK A.J. Principie J. Rachuna  
LS T. Krantz G. Whinery  
HLD P. Fardon J. Schum  
KOR T. Jackson D. Cook E. Young
PR T. Jackson E. Young D. Cook


@ - The year of pain in the offensive line continues: It was already going to be a hard year of transition for the unit. In Quinn's words they were "soft" coming into camp. The body type difference required in Quinn's and Gill's offenses is pretty substantial and having a whole unit make that change in six months may have been a bridge too far (Hence I dislike system coaches).

To this difficuly add the loss of Veinotte, Ostrowski, Ozkan, Carlson, Kelly, and Cortes and you have an offensive line with only two guys backing it up. This, more than anything, has been whats kept Buffalos offense in reverse this season.

This week Kenny Scott, a converted defensive lineman who has seen little time this season gets the start.

* - The receivers played pretty well through the first half of the season but in recent weeks they have redeveloped a case of caementum manus (Stone Hands). Several dropped touchdown passes and many more drops that did not gat as much attention because they were not in the end zone.

Seems the Coaching Staff may give more time to Fred Lee who is now in the infamous 'or' relationship with Marcus Rivers.

# - The only huge shakeup on defense is Josh Copeland getting the nod at OLB. The Unit as a whole has no real weak link so I have to assume this is just Coach Inge going with who he feels best matches up with the eagles.

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