Bull Run Top 25 - Week 13

Bull Run top 25, Week 13

1. Texas
2. TCU
3. Florida
4. Alabama
5. Boise State
6. Cincinnati
7. Ohio State
8. Oregon +3
9. Miami +5
10. Brigham Young +2
11. Penn State +4
12. Houston +4
Virginia Tech +4
14. Pittsburgh -6
15. Georgia Tech -6
16. USC +2
17. Utah -8
18. LSU +1
19. Nebraska +1
20. Oklahoma State -10
21. Iowa +1
22. West Virginia +4
23. Texas Tech +3
24. Northwestern +2
25. Central Michigan +1
Out Arizona
Out Mississippi
Out Clemson

Movin' on up: These are the teams that made the biggest moves of the week. A big move is either a large numerical jump (like moving from #25 to #15) or clearing a huge hurdle (moving from #3 to #2, or cracking the top 10)

Miami and BYU crack into the top ten after nice wins and Penn State, Houston, and the Hokies move up because of some carnage below them.

Movin' on down: These are the teams that have the biggest plummet of the week (again this is either numerically or losing ground)

Pitt took themselves out of the 'At Large' picture and took themselves out of the top ten, ditto for Georgia Tech. Utah took a hit with their loss.

Movin' on out: Teams that have been dropped from the top25

Arizona, Clemson, and Mississippi.

Movin' on in: Teams that have entered the top 25

When you're floating in the 25-35 range and you knock out a top ten team you have to jump in, that's why I am taking a chance, again, on West Virginia. Texas Tech has been bouncing into and out of the top 25 all year.

Finally CMU edges out Troy and BC (yes I know they lost to BC but I just think they played close to their worst game that week). CMU has a nice test against Ohio next week.

Knocking on the door: These are the teams that I would rank in the high 20's to the mid 30's who have upcoming games that are consequential enough to crack into the top 25.

See above; Troy and BC are up there, so is Wisconsin and Arizona.

Late on the Rent: These are teams that are close to being bumped out of their spot. Usually a team ends up here if they are just scraping by (too many tight games against inferior opponents or only having suspect wins). A team late on the rent might either be on their way out or just losing an important spot. Basically they are a team that, upon inception, makes you wonder if they should be ranked as highly as they are but without sure answer.

With the exception of Northwestern and CMU I am pretty comfortable with my rankings right now.

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